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Chiesa di Santa Maria della Consolazione (della Fava)

Campo della Fava
Stop Water Buses
A) Rialto: Line 1 - 82
(3 minutes on foot)

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Situated in the heart of a secret Venice, between Rialto bridge and S.Mark square, this marvellouse eighteenth century building, has an extraordinary artistic treasures, for example, the famous “Education of the Vergin“ from G.B.Tiepolo, in addition to masterpieces from Piazzetta, Amigoni, and an ancient image that gave the name to the church. About this, a Venetian legend tells that while the artist was painting the picture, his beloved fiancée, that he thought she was death, appeared to him, so that the image was considered miraculouse. It is possible to see even more the two recesses where there were the sculptures of the two lovers.
Another story says that the famouse Botticelli painted his renowned Venus after seeing a beautiful lady coming out of the church, where you can find an ancient marble shell, like in his painting! There are some sculpture of Torretto and Morlaiter, renowned artists of the eighteenth century.
The organ is a valuable instrument built in 1754 by Pietro Nacchini. The intimate beauty of this venue, will amaze you with his perfect acoustic, such as it is the ideal location to enjoy those concerts.



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