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Chiesa di San Vidal

San Marco 2860
Stop Water Buses
A) Accademia: Line 1 - 82
(3 minutes on foot)
B) S. Samuele: Line 82
(4 minutes on foot)

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Doge Vitale Falier wanted to dedicate this church to his homonym at the end of eleventh century but the facade tells us a more recent restoration (seventeenth century) realized following a classical project by architect Gaspari with the funds left by the Doge Carlo Contarini.
Church has just one nave with a vault ceiling and keeps inside paintings of seventeenth century and by Pellegrini and Piazzetta and in the presbitery, at the back, San Vitale a cavallo and Quattro Santi adorano la Vergine col putto (San Vitale riding a horse and Four Saints adoring the Virgin with the cupid), di Vittore Carpaccio.



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