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Teatro San Gallo

TEATRO SAN GALLO. Opened in 2007, the Teatro San Gallo is the latest of the theaters of Venice. His story is rather unusual in the modern era and in some ways contrary to the fate of theaters throughout Europe as it is one a rare case of conversion from a cinema theater hall. Cinema Olimpia, in fact, was built between 1924 - 1925 at an establishment of hydro-thermal treatment and the court building in the possession of the family Bragadin since the twelfth (passed in ownership to the Balbi family in the nineteenth century and twentieth century Opera Pia Giustian); following a long period of great fortune and splendor the Fascist era until the 80s, cinema Olimpia was forced to close in the late 90s for lack of funds and investors.Since October 2015, the Teatro San Gallo, strong of a young and motivated, is promoting a series of musical and theatrical events (also with special events aimed at children) with the aim of involving both the international audience as fellow citizens in an artistic experience truly unique. Teatro San Gallo then will alternate jazz orchestras, tango and symphonic with the participation of international guests!
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