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Virtuosi di Venezia
The atmosphere and the genius of Vivaldi' compositions

The Orchestra Virtuosi di Venezia - Orchestra da camera di San Marco - had been formed in 2002 under the inspiration of Vivaldi's work. The ensemble and the musical formation have both been chosen to recall the exact situation in which Vivaldi worked and reproposes in its concerts the athmosphere and the genio of the Red Priest' compositions. The Orchestra was born with the intention and the honor of paying tribute to the great composer in the prestigious Ateneo di San Basso, in San Marco square, whose hall has the same dimensions of the Pieta' Institue music hall, in which Vivaldi composed.
  All concerts of the group Virtuosi di Venezia
Ateneo di San Basso
Virtuosi di Venezia: Vivaldi and Opera Arias
Opera Arias from Vivaldi, Puccini, Verdi and others italian composers performed in Ateneo di San Basso, in San Marco square.
Ateneo di San Basso
Virtuosi di Venezia: The Four Seasons
A brillant performance of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" performed in the intimate "Ateneo di San Basso" in Saint Mark square in Venice


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