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Ensemble Concentus Venetiae

The "Ensemble Concentus Venetiae" was founded in 2011 by the union of three musicians, Nicola Parisi (flute), Luca Pontini (viola) and Piero Gianolli (bass). In April of that year, played the opening concert in Ferrara. Since August 2012, the Ensemble with the insertion of Annamaria Remotto violinist, has collaborated in various concerts with the Choir Salvète Flores of Canal San Bovo (Trento), directed by Leandro Pasqualetto, who is entered to do part of the Ensemble Concentus Venetiae in quality of the pianist. Remember the exhibition in October 2013 of the Ensemble Concentus Venetiae with the Choir Salvète Flores, in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, to accompany a Holy Mass in the Roman-Latin rite. On October 4, 2015 the Ensemble performed a concert in the Church of the Gesuati in Venice with the participation, in addition to founding musicians, other instrumentalists and two singers, entered then all to be part of the Ensemble. The current lineup and then consists of four violins, a viola, a viola "da Gamba" , a cello, a double bass, a flute, an oboe, two singers and two keyboard (piano and continuo). The concerts of year 2O16 were held on 8 May in the Church of the "Scalzi"in Venice and 16 October in the "Great School Confraternity of Saint Mary of the Carmelo", and saw the participation of three young musicians (Leyla Gobber, violinist, Jonata Zampieri, oboist and Giovanni Gianola, cellist), all three students in various music schools. And this is one of its objectives of the Ensemble: promote young emerging instrumentalists in order to insert them in the venetian and regional music scene. In November 2016, the ensemble performed two concerts at the "Scalzi Center" of the Church of Saint Mary of Nazareth in Venice, kicking off a series of concerts that will be executed in the coming months. The conformation for these concerts consists of two violins (Cecilia Zanotto and Adriana Toniato), a viola (Luca Pontini), a bass viol (Pia Nainer), a doublebass (Piero Gianolli) and a harpsichord (Dino Gianola).
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