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Venice Jazz Club
Something new and unusual for Venice.....

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Venice Jazz Club was established in November 2006, after the closure of "Round Midnight" discotheque.
Associazione Culturale LA MUSICA A VENEZIA suggested turning the premises into something new and unusual for Venice, a Jazz Club that is open during the aperitif hour from 6 – 9pm.
VJC offers various musical programmes, from events featuring well-known international guests to permanent events starring the best local musicians. It offers good music, tasting prestigious wines, art exhibitions and much more.
Since September 2006, many jazz players in the Venetian and Italian circuit have played at the Venice Jazz Club, including David Boato, Marcello Allulli, Alberto Vianello, Tommaso Cappellato, Leonardo Rigo, Paride Furzi, Domenico Sanna, Emanuele Zappia, Francesco Poeti, Francesco Ponticelli, Pietro Valente, Danilo Gallo, Giovanni Natoli, Alvise Seggi, Beppe Scardino, Piero Bittolo Bon, Matteo Alfonso, Luca Colussi, Riccardo Chiarion, Marc Abram, Leo Angel, Lello Gnesutta, Federico Nalesso, Nicola Cristante etc. VJC is situated in the Santa Margherita area, one of the most famous meeting places in the city.



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